Project Management

The skill required for effective project management is even greater than that needed for putting a building up in the first place. Why? There are so many more variables and unknowns. That’s why you need an experienced crew on your side. A crew with an uncompromising attitude towards planning and detail.

We operate that way from the start:

  • Our pricing proposals are detailed, allowing you to see what we’ll deliver, how we’ll deliver it, what will be required from you, how long the job will take, and what each aspect of it will cost.
  • We’ll put together the right team to get the job done and appoint one of our Head Office Site Supervisors to oversee the team. That senior member will be your contact throughout the project, always on hand to answer any of your queries and updating you daily at a minimum.

Once the project is completed, we’ll provide all the certification and documentation you need to ensure the building is recognised as compliant, so that you’re free to use it (or the vacant land) for the purpose you intend.

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